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Amanda Mundo | Founder

"I like to say the unsexy parts of business such as strategy and systems is where the money hides. Bring me your business and I'll show you your fortune."  

About Us

Social Hero Brands (SHB) is a company driven to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners cultivate a sound foundation to grow and thrive through their online presence and business system strategies. 

About the Founder
Amanda Mundo, the founder of SHB, calls herself a former "corporate cyborg" turned soulful entrepreneur. Over the span of 15+ years, she climbed the corporate ladder crushing tasks, projects, and assignments. In return, she was given even more work, more deadlines, and less purpose. She found that her family would only receive the leftovers of her energy and spirit after spending 14 hours days in the office.

So, in 2016, she and her husband decided she should become a stay-at-home mom to their 4 children and this is when she found the opportunity to start her business. She began as an administrative virtual assistant, and in 2019 she decided to focus on social media management. She found that social media was only a piece of a much larger puzzle when it came to building a presence, gaining clients, and the overall ROI. She also recognized that the systems and processes she used to scale and grow her business lacked in the many coaches and consultants that she served. Now, she provides her clients with P.I.E. (Purposeful, Intuitive, Everlasting). The P.I.E. program empowers coaches and consultants to build strong and everlasting client relationships while giving their business the foundation to scale, grow, and THRIVE

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