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Amanda Mundo | Founder

"I like to say the unsexy parts of business such as strategy and systems is where the money hides. Bring me your business and I'll show you your fortune."  

About Us

Amanda Mundo is the founder of Social Hero Brands (SHB). SHB is a company driven to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners cultivate a sound foundation to grow and thrive through their online presence and business system strategies. Whether part of a corporation, government facility, or as an entrepreneur, Amanda has always found innovative systems and avenues to create stability and efficiency wherever she could. In 2016, after being in the workforce for 15 years, the decision was made jointly with her husband that becoming a stay-at-home mom to their 4 children would be best for the family. This is when Amanda took the opportunity to start her own business.

Amanda started her business as an administrative virtual assistant, and in 2019 she decided to focus on social media management. Now, she provides her clients with P.I.E. which stands for Purposeful, Intuitive, and Everlasting. Her P.I.E. method provides entrepreneurs and small-business owners with the resources, tools, and strategy to build their online presence and create a stellar customer experience through strategized business systems and processes.

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