What is P.I.E.?

Purposeful: Messaging 
Intuitive: Systems & Processes 
Everlasting: Client Experiences

How P.I.E. Was Created

I learned from experience

My days as a social media manager gave me a wonderful perspective on why putting all of your eggs in one basket just doesn't do it. There are several avenues in your business that are just as important as the others, and only focusing on one of them can be detrimental. 

As the business world quickly became virtual, and my business skyrocketed in the social media arena, I began to realize that something was missing. My clients would receive wonderful engagement and an increase in followers, but they weren't seeing a progressively increased ROI. While I do believe social media marketing and presence are important factors, I do not believe it solves everything.  I do believe the longevity of business comes with intention and the attention we provide to our current clients. 

In my business alone, I have always enjoyed creating efficient systems and truly appreciated the importance of a phenomenal client experience. Thus, P.I.E. was born. 

P.I.E. focuses on the full spectrum of how your business operates from a client's perspective. I've come across entrepreneurs and small businesses who have stellar sales pitches, services, and social media content, but they lack the systems to make the rest easy such as onboarding clients and following up with prospects, or even showing client appreciation.  

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Purposeful Messaging 

Your social media, email marketing, and website content's purpose are to be on message and reflect your business's mission, drive, and directive throughout the year. If content strategy is a challenge, click the link below to learn more and schedule a call to find out how I can help you become more successful.  

Intuitive Systems

Many entrepreneurs aren't familiar with CRM's and that's okay, but once you do become familiar with them you can't unsee it. CRM's are powerful tools that help keep your clients in one place and create efficient and streamlined processes for your business. Click the link below to schedule a call and find out more about my Systems Strategy Program. 

Everlasting Client Experience

Referrals. Yes, that word is powerful enough to be its own sentence. Referrals are vital to a small business's growth and scalability. Schedule a call with me to learn how to leverage a strong follow-up strategy for prospects and current clients.  Click the link below to get started. 

How We Do Anything Is How We Do Everything.

Create better systems and habits to give your business the opportunity to grow and THRIVE.

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